1. Bc no matter how we fight, we still have each others back #sibs #fbf #flashback #summer

  2. It is all up to Him 🙏

  3. Buy x Read ‘em all

  4. Love is not a maybe thing. You know when you love someone.

  5. You are wonderful, Lord and You deserve all praise because You are much greater than anyone can understand. -Psalm 145:3

    HAPPY EASTER!!!! 🐣


  6. The Bible

    So much feels for this movie. To think He sacrificed a lot for us and all we do is ask everything to Him and take it for granted.

  7. Paradise //

  8. Homemade halo-halo 🍨😋

  9. He is the light of the world. #Goodfriday #Holyweek

  10. 👂✌️

  11. porcupine hairrrr is in 👍

  12. Hometown in a bit ✈️

  13. vintage thursday 🚘

  14. New reading for this week 📖

  15. So perfect, sunseeeeeeeeet 🙌